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Endodontic Retreatment in Westwood We understand that you probably don't want to have root canal done even once, despite the fact that advancements in the field of endodontics has made root canal a much more comfortable experience. The good news is that most root canals are successful. In fact, over 90% of them are. The bad news is that there are a small number, less than 10% that fail. Here at Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A., we have solutions for you in that instance. Unsuccessful … [Read more...]

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Endodontic Treatment in Westwood Are you concerned about severe pain in your mouth? Have you suffered a physical aural trauma, which requires immediate care in order to save your smile from permanent harm? If you are suffering from an injury or otherwise pain inside your teeth which flares up due to pressure, you may need far more care than a general dentist can provide. Fortunately, the latest advances in endodontistry offer more effective yet gentle methods of treatment than ever before. … [Read more...]

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Ridgewood Endodontist Have you been suffering from a toothache so severe that the pain has begun to wake you in the middle of the night, depriving you of a restful night’s sleep? Is your pain often flaring up due to pressure on the tooth in question, or otherwise due to very hot or cold beverages? Severe pain which grows worse due to temperature or use of the impacted site is often the cause of a destructive infection occurring deep inside the cavity of your tooth. While over the counter … [Read more...]