Dental Sedation in Ridgewood NJ

Ridgewood NJ pain free dentist

Dental sedation in Ridgewood NJ

Dental sedation in Ridgewood NJ

The dentists at Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A. know that having dental procedures can be frightening. That’s why we help patients stay comfortable and believe in creating a pain free atmosphere for all our clients. For dental sedation in Ridgewood NJ, we equip out office with both nitrous oxide inhalation, better known as laughing gas, and other oral sedative techniques.

Some patients may need something slightly more involved to help them relax. That’s why we work with a dental anesthesiologist who can provide our patients with intravenous (IV) sedation. This helps patients relax greatly while our doctors, Dr. Pawlak, Dr. Hahn and Dr. Chen, can focus fully on the treatment or procedure taking place. After IV sedation patients have little to no discomfort and will not remember the procedure. We believe that our dental sedation in Ridgewood NJ helps patients to relax, and we understand that minimizing a patient’s stress levels during procedures is part of creating a good dental experience for them. Our office also features the latest in advanced dental technology, such as an operating microscope, 3-D cone beam scan, and digital radiographs. We also use rotary and ultrasonic instruments to provide state of the art care and services.

At Mid-County Endodontic Group, P.A., we will start off with a comprehensive oral exam and explore treatment options with you. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may be able to have treatment as quickly as in one day. Dental sedation in Ridgewood NJ and other procedures can be scheduled as needed. Most procedures are performed using local anesthetics. Patients can return to work without any problem and also drive to and from appointments. We ask that you eat a full meal before coming and take all medications as prescribed. Before your appointment, it is helpful if you bring a referral slip and any x-rays that are available, your dental insurance card and any other forms your insurance provider has given you such as group number, and a completed medical history form, which can be found on our website. If your dentist has given you x-rays, they are always helpful to have, although not mandatory. We have the ability to take x-rays on site at our offices if needed, using the latest in advanced digital radiography.

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