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Endodontic Office in Ridgewood

Endodontic Office in Ridgewood

Our practice, Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A., specializes in endodontic treatment of teeth. Endodontic treatment is more commonly known as root canal therapy. It is performed for one reason – to save the life of a tooth. If you are looking for a great endodontic office in Ridgewood, make an appointment to see one of our fine doctors today.

Drs. Dennis Pawlak, Jin Hahn and Jeffrey Chen, all specialize in endodontic care of teeth. While root canal treatments used to be met with some patient apprehension, now there is no reason to feel that way at all. Modern advances in local anesthesia have made it possible for dentists to perform this procedure with no pain to the patient whatsoever. Root canal treatments are now one of the most common treatments, with more than 21 million root canals performed every year. Luckily, the vast majority of root canal therapies are successful, so the tooth can be saved and does not need to be replaced with a dental implant or bridge. Any dentist will agree that the best thing a dentist can do is to save your natural teeth. Our endodontic office in Ridgewood is the best place to go if you want your root canal therapy to be successful. Our doctors are all highly skilled and experienced in performing this critical dental care procedure.

Root canal therapy is needed when the nerve of the tooth is damaged by decay, a crack in the tooth, periodontal disease, or by too many fillings. Bacteria enters the tooth through the crack, and the pulp becomes infected. This will usually cause bad tooth pain, and an abscess will form in the gums. During a root canal, the bacteria is removed and the tooth is once again sealed up. Often, after the procedure, a crown is placed over the tooth to strengthen and protect it. This restorative treatment is done by your regular dentist, in consultation with our doctors. The crown is matched to your natural tooth color, so no one will be able to detect that it is a crown, not your natural tooth. In some of the more complicated cases, the endodontic treatment may span two office visits. If you would like to visit our endodontic office in Ridgewood, please call our office to make an appointment today.

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