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Fair Lawn emergency dentist

Fair Lawn emergency dentist

Although we try to avoid it, most of us will experience at least one dental emergency in our lifetime. This could be a cracked tooth from a fall, a sports injury that knocks out a tooth, or a lost dental crown or filling the day before a big job interview. Whatever your need for emergency dental care, especially if have a cracked tooth, you can be sure that our Fair Lawn emergency dentist can treat you swiftly with care and compassion. At Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A., we will prioritize your dental emergency in our schedule to make sure you are seen the same day you call.

When your teeth are in pain, you want a solution fast. We understand that and we will work swiftly to make sure your mouth is back to normal as soon as possible. Signs of a dental emergency may include missing or knocked out teeth, toothache, jaw pain, persistent oral bleeding, sore and swollen gums, broken jaw, mouth injury, a missing or broken dental crown, as well as if a tooth becomes cracked, chipped, or broken. If you’re interested in fixing cracked teeth, our Fair Lawn emergency dentist will perform a thorough evaluation to determine whether your health and lifestyle make you’re a good candidate for this endodontic treatment. Cracked teeth are becoming more common, and there are several different types of cracks that can occur. A fractured cusp may result when the pointed part of the chewing surface is weakened. Often a full crown, placed by your dentist, resolves the problem. However, if the fracture has also damaged the pulp, root canal therapy from our endodontist would be needed. Similarly, a cracked tooth begins on the chewing surface of the tooth and extends vertically toward the root. Damage to the pulp is likely and root canal treatment is usually necessary. Despite treatment (root canal treatment and crown placement), some cracks can continue to progress, resulting in a loss of the tooth. Therefore, early detection is essential. Lastly, there are vertical root fractures. This type of crack begins at the root of the tooth and extends toward the chewing surface. It often shows minimal symptoms and may go unnoticed for some time. Vertical root fractures are often discovered when surrounding bone or gum tissue become infected. If the tooth can be saved, treatment would involve endodontic microsurgery.

We know that emergencies happen. Should an emergency situation arise, we are here to help you look and feel better. No matter what the trouble is, we’ll see to it that you’re taken care of, and back to smiling in no time. Call us right away at 201-204-0158 (Ridgewood) or 201-204-0184 (Westwood) if you are experiencing a dental emergency, especially if you have suffered a cracked tooth. At Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A., our Fair Lawn emergency dentist will treat your injury quickly and efficiently to produce smile-worthy results.

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