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Oral trauma in Hohokus

Hohokus urgent dentist

Hohokus urgent dentist

There are many dental emergencies that require immediate attention from our Hohokus urgent dentist practice at Mid-County Endodontic Group. The most common dental emergencies are those arising from severe pain or sensitivity in a tooth. While pain and sensitivity can be caused by a number of factors the most common cause is infected tooth pulp due to decay in the tooth. If left untreated the infection will worsen and possibly form an abscess and lead to loss of the tooth. The quicker a painful infected tooth is treated the better.

Whether an emergency or not, an endodontic treatment, a root canal, is done to clean out the infected pulp from the tooth in an effort to save the tooth and then restore it to full functionality. The pulp is the soft inner core of the tooth, which is protected by a harder outer layer of dentin. In an endodontic treatment our Hohokus urgent dentist will remove any surface decay and open up the tooth to gain access to the roots, which contain the pulp. Using miniature instruments our doctor will remove all the pulp from the roots and completely clean them out. A rubber-like material is placed into the root canals to seal them and protect them from re-infection. A crown is then placed over the tooth to both protect it and form a new chewing surface so that the tooth can function normally.

Our Hohokus urgent dentist also treats a number of other dental emergencies such as a dislodged tooth, which are doctor can often push back into position and stabilize until more extensive treatment can be started. An avulsed tooth is one that has been knocked completely out. Our doctor will try to place it back in the socket and stabilize it, often using a splint until follow-up treatment can be started in a week or two. Traumatic injuries of a child’s tooth are particularly serious because the pulp is still growing and necessary for the tooth and or doctor has to act to save the development of the tooth.

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