Midland Park Painless Dentist

Root canal therapy in Midland Park

Midland Park painless dentist

Midland Park painless dentist

If you associate root canal therapy with pain, we at Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A. have some very good news for you. Our Midland Park painless dentist performs the procedure using the advanced techniques and tools that will allow you feel totally at ease and comfortable. The tooth infection that causes you pain is the reason to feel anxious, not our treatment.

The process of getting root canal therapy begins with local anesthetic to ensure that you don’t feel anything. The tooth is drilled from the top so that our Midland Park painless dentist can gain access to the part of your tooth at the base where the infected tissue is. The injured pulp and the nerve are both removed. The canal or canals (depending on the tooth) are then cleaned out thoroughly, filled, and sealed. Antibiotics are typically included in the filling to prevent any secondary infections from occurring. Root canal therapy may take just one session or possibly several. But regardless, the pain you were experiencing from the infection will be gone after the first session because the nerve will have been removed. If you have to come back, you will receive a temporary crown to keep the tooth protected in the meantime. That same crown will stay on after the procedure is completed and until you have a permanent one made by your restorative dentist. Root canal therapy is the best, and only, way to save your tooth so that it will not have to be extracted. And our Midland Park painless dentist wants you to know that over 95% of root canals are successful, so you can have confidence in it and in us as specialists in doing the procedure.

There is no reason to suffer with an infected tooth. Thanks to Midland Park painless dentist, root canal therapy is smooth and easy. Call us and we will schedule an appointment for you.

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