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Midland Park toothache

Midland Park toothache

A toothache can be a real pain, no pun intended. But don’t be so quick to brush off the your toothache. If it’s not handled properly and in a timely manner, it can cause infection or the need for an endodontic procedure, or root canal. If you’re suffering from a Midland Park toothache, call Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A. today for more information.

A root canal procedure is a simple and painless procedure that cleans out diseased pulp within a tooth that is causing tooth decay. If a root canal is not performed, an infection called an abscess can harm the tooth and surrounding areas. The infection can spread and cause tooth loss and become dangerous if it isn’t taken care of. The root canal procedure basically lifts out the damaged pulp portion of the tooth, is cleaned and then finally sealed. The pulp within a tooth nourishes the tooth around it with nutrients, so it is an integral part of the tooth. Once the damaged part is taken out it can be sealed and protected with a crown, which should alleviate the Midland Park toothache.

A Midland Park toothache can also be the cause of a cavity, which is simply tooth decay that has caused a hole in the tooth that needs filling. A filling is usually a composite material that exactly matches the tooth, so that it is not visible. If a cavity isn’t treated, it can result in tooth loss. Signs that you may have a cavity include sensitivity to hot and cold sensations, throbbing and pain and swelling around the tooth and gum. If you think you may have a cavity, call our offices today to schedule your appointment. We can get you in and out in just one visit so that you can go back to having healthy, happy teeth.

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