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Ridgewood sedation dentist

Ridgewood sedation dentist

Does the idea of receiving any dental service or treatment bring up feelings of fear, stress or worry? Have you postponed having dental examinations and professional cleanings because of your anxiety? Avoiding treatment may allow your oral health to further deteriorate and can contribute to your need for more advanced and involved dental treatments. The understanding and compassionate professionals at Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A. offer a number of options ranging from the use of nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia more commonly referred to as “laughing gas” as well as appropriate oral sedative techniques. Our Ridgewood sedation dentist will be able to fully coordinate your treatment with our dental anesthesiologist which will in turn allow each professional to fully focus on their aspect of your treatment.

At Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A., our primary focus is to provide you with exemplary professional treatment while you are comfortable and at ease. We will fully explain any and all recommended treatments prior to your sedation to ensure you have a full understanding of the course of action. Additionally, we will have you consult with our dental anesthesiologist so you may have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding your sedation. We also encourage you to disclose any related medical history information so we can provide you with the best treatment options. You will be monitored during the entire procedure. Many patients have reported having no memory of their dental treatment as well as reduced post-op discomfort as a result of their I.V. sedation.

In addition to providing sedation dentistry, we utilize the latest techniques, most modern methodologies along with state-of-the-art equipment for all phases of treatment. The personable and knowledgeable professional team at Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A. will be able to answer a number of your new patient and sedation dentistry questions when you schedule your initial appointment. As your Ridgewood sedation dentist, we can provide information regarding the dental services and treatments we offer as well as participating insurance companies. We look forward to meeting with you soon and help put your concerns to rest while administering the dental treatments you need to restore your healthy and naturally beautiful smile.

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