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Sedation dentist in Westwood

Sedation dentist in Westwood

Dental procedures and techniques have improved greatly over the past few decades and treatments that were once uncomfortable and painful now generally are done with a minimum of discomfort. Not everyone sits in the dental chair feeling relaxed, especially when about to undergo an endodontic treatment. Our endodontic practice, Mid-County Endodontic Group is a sedation dentist in Westwood. When a patient is too anxious to undergo treatment using just a local anesthetic or if a more complex endodontic surgery is involved our practice can use various sedation techniques to calm our patients.

Our sedation dentist in Westwood believes that a patient’s stress and discomfort level should be at a minimum during a visit to our office no matter what procedure they are having. To relieve stress our office can administer nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia, “laughing gas,” or oral sedatives in addition to the local anesthetic. These have a calming effect on the patient who is awake during the procedure and knows what is going on but is not anxious. For more involved procedures or anxious patients who prefer to sleep through the visit our office offers IV sedation. Our practice works with a specially trained dental anesthesiologist to administer the IV sedation, which places the patient in a sleep-like state. They feel no pain and don’t recall the procedure when they awaken. During the sedation the patient is monitored at all times by the anesthesiologist, which allows our doctor to concentrate on performing the procedure as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sedation dentistry has made procedures that are simple to the majority of patients possible for those patients who feel too much stress to sit through endodontic treatments under a local anesthetic. Root canal treatments once carried the stigma of being very painful but in reality with modern anesthesia they are virtually painless events. If you need an endodontic treatment don’t let stress and fear deter you, our sedation dentist in Westwood will make the procedure painless. The only thing you’ll feel is well rested after the treatment when you wake up.

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