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Westwood Endodontic Office

Have you been experiencing severe tooth pain? Chances are that you have a tooth that is in need of endodontic treatment. Endodontic treatment is the medical name for the procedure more commonly known as root canal therapy. If you have a very painful tooth, or your doctor tells you that you need root canal therapy, you will want to visit our Westwood endodontic office.

Our practice, Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A. enjoys the services of our three endodontists, Drs. Dennis Pawlak, Jin Hahn and Jeffrey Chen. Our doctors are all highly-trained in the area of endodontics and are known to provide expert root canal therapies for their patients. Our patients are happy to know that our endodontic treatments are generally successful, although there are a few times when the process needs to span two visits, or may even need to be repeated. It is not possible to guarantee the outcome of root canal therapy, because it is dependent upon many factors including the extent of the infection and the patient’s ability to heal. However, when you have the procedure done at our Westwood endodontic office by one of our skilled endodontists who specializes in the field, your root canal’s chance of success is greatest.

A tooth will need root canal therapy when it becomes infected with bacteria. Bacteria enters the tooth, and reaches the pulp, when a tooth is cracked. This crack can occur through a break in the tooth, a crack in a filling, or simply by having too many fillings applied in a tooth. The tooth becomes quite painful, as an abscess occurs. At this point, root canal therapy is needed to save the tooth. A root canal can generally be done in one visit, but there are times when it needs to be performed in two visits. Once the root canal therapy is completed, our doctor will advise your general dentist as to whether or not the tooth should be fitted with a crown. If this is advised, your general or cosmetic dentist will have the crown created and be responsible for installing it in your mouth. The crown may be needed to strengthen or protect the tooth. This is very common, and crowns are comfortable and well matched to your normal tooth color, so no one can detect it in your mouth. Also, be assured that root canal treatments are now quite painless and can comfortably be done in the dentist’s office using local anesthesia. If you would like an appointment to visit our Westwood endodontic office, contact us today at Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A.

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