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Cracked teeth in Westwood

Westwood NJ dental emergency

Westwood NJ dental emergency

Cracked teeth are nothing to play around with. They should be fixed immediately with emergency dental care, if possible. At Mid-County Endodontic Group, PA, we serve patients with Westwood NJ dental emergency problems. It’s important to diagnose them early, because the sooner the crack is detected and fixed, the better it is to save the tooth. If a cracked tooth happens, our expert doctors can quickly use modern instruments to fix the tooth.

Years of chewing, hard objects, tooth clenching and tooth grinding can wear down teeth and cause tiny cracks. These cracks sometimes don’t show up on x-rays, which makes it harder to find them. Severity varies, but symptoms can include sharp pains when chewing, sensitivity to temperature or bite pressure problems. Different types of cracks include a fractured cusp, which can happen when the pointed part of the tooth is weakened by chewing. A full crown can fix the problem, but if the fracture damages the inner pulp, a root canal will be needed first. Some cracked teeth happen on the chewing surface of the tooth and can extend towards the root. The pulp is usually damaged in this case and a root canal definitely needed. Despite the root canal procedure or during a Westwood NJ dental emergency, cracks can sometimes still progress and tooth loss happen. Early detection is highly important in this case.

In a vertical root fracture the crack starts to go towards the chewing surface because it begins at the root of the tooth. It can go unnoticed for lengthy amounts of time. It can infect the bone or gum tissue and become infected. If the tooth is saved when we work on it after your Westwood NJ dental emergency, the treatment would involve endodontic microsurgery. At Mid-County Endodontic Group, we have two locations for your convenience. We’re dedicated to the best in endodontic care and serving our patients as quickly as possible, providing them with a comfortable and clean atmosphere that they can feel safe in. Our doctors are highly skilled and trained in the art of endodontic care and can answer any questions you may have.

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