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Westwood sedation dentist

Westwood sedation dentist

Years ago needing to have a root canal procedure was enough to strike fear in the heart of any dental patient! Luckily, today things have changed. Modern dental techniques and equipment and anesthesia have helped make root canals easy to tolerate by most patients. However, we find that many patients who need root canals are hoping to find a Westwood sedation dentist who can perform the procedure using additional forms of anesthesia.

At our practice Mid-County Endodontic Group P.A. we perform root canal treatments every day. In fact, the main job of an endodontist is to perform root canal treatments to save the life of a tooth. We know that our root canal treatments are a pain free surgery when performed with local anesthesia. However we do understand that many patients still prefer sedation dentistry during root canals, and for this reason we are happy to be able to offer this service. Patients come to our Westwood sedation dentist so that they do not need to worry about having pain free surgery. For patients who have a fear of the dentist or a dental office, needing to have a root canal procedure can be a real problem. They have a pressing situation that needs immediate care but they are too uncomfortable with the prospects of going to the dentist. By providing sedation during root canals we are able to minimize a patient’s stress during the procedure, and even make it possible for some patients to get care who otherwise couldn’t. Our office is equipped with both nitrous oxide and oral sedative techniques. Nitrous oxide is an inhalation analgesia that is also known as laughing gas. It is a common sedative used by many dentists’ offices.

Our Westwood sedation dentist is also able to provide patients with IV sedation. For this service, we work with a dental anesthesiologist. This allows our doctors, Dr. Dennis Pawlak, Dr. Jin Hahn, and Dr. Jeffrey Chen, to focus on the root canal procedure at hand. The anesthesiologist monitors our patient during the entire procedure. With this procedure our patients generally have reduced post-op discomfort. These patients also have no memory of the procedure which is a good thing for patients with fears of dentists and dental offices. If you are in need of a root canal and would like to learn more about our sedation dentistry for root canal treatments, contact our office today.

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